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Commercial Estimates

An estimate of a commercial property typically includes a comprehensive 3-part evaluation of all common area trees. Our arborists personally visit each site and walk the grounds in order to provide accurate site maps, detailed tree inventories and a written estimate.

Site Maps

To begin, BTS arborists plot each tree on a map of the property. Trees are accurately placed in relation to nearby structures, roadways, or other noteable map features. Each tree is then given a number, either individually or in groupings of similar species. From this map, a complete inventory is created.

Tree Inventories

A tree inventory lists the species by tree number, as well as the specific
work each tree needs in order to maintain optimum health and safety. Priorities are then assigned based on the urgency of what each tree needs: 1 is most critical, 2 is soon and 3 is least critical. The arborists will note observations while surveying the property which will also include a price for recomended work to be performed.

Written Estimates

From a compilation of information from the site map and the tree inventory, a commercial estimate is created. Costs are summarized by priority and if needed, hazards are noted. Definitions of needed work techniques are also included.