Frequently Asked Questions
Do you sell firewood?
Yes! We split and stockpile premium mixed firewood (Ash, Fir, Oak, Eucalyptus & Alder), and allow it to season for one year before selling it. We charge $200 per cord, delivered. One cord measures 128 cu. ft., (or a stacked pile 4' high x 4' wide x 8' long). Our trucks are 8' wide by 20' long and lift up to 20' high when dumping. We need at least 10' of width and 50' of level and firm ground to back onto since the trucks pull forward as they dump. Overhead clearance is also necessary with no power lines or trees blocking vertically. Delivery is free in Santa Clara County for complete cords only. Please call (408) 248-3266 to place your order. We accept personal checks and cash on delivery (COD) only. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Who pays when a tree falls and causes damage?

The law states we are responsible for our own acts, and injury or harm to others. This is referred to as a Reasonable Duty of Care. Failure to fulfill this duty is breech. If this breech causes injury or harm, it may become negligence. And negligence is the basis of liability. Property owners with mature trees on their land, should make a visual inspection of their trees to identify hazardous conditions. Action should then be taken to minimize potential damage should the tree fall.


My trees are too tall, can I "top" them?

Topping is perhaps the most harmful pruning method known. Trees maintain a delicate crown-to-root ratio; topping removes the crown, upsetting this ratio and limits the tree’s ability to sustain its own roots. This makes them more susceptible to pests, disease and particularly decay. Professional Arborists make the tree safer and more attractive with appropriate corrective pruning. Perhaps the most important reason to prune smaller growing trees is to improve branch spacing which is best done gradually over time. Topping impedes this process.


What is the proper way to water my tree?

The absorbing roots of a tree are located on the outside perimeter of the dripline. Imagine the tree canopy as an umbrella. Where rain would normally run off of an umbrella is the tree's dripline. Watering inside this line is not effective, especially if irrigation is hitting the trunk. Trees need the equivalent of 1" of rain every 7-10 days at the dripline. Applying frequent, shallow watering does not properly meet the needs of most trees.

Do we sell wood chips?

Yes! For $60 we can deliver aprox. 8-12 cubic yards, which consist of several species of trees including pine, ash, and oak chips for erosion/weed control, soil amendment, walking trails and construction sites. The mixture consists of ground up trees and branches with leafy matter that decomposes over time. We have five trucks that can drop a load about 4' deep. Check if you are within our Service Area.
8-12 cu. yds. - Covers approximately 1 - 2 parking space.

Please see "Do you sell firewood?" above for further specifications on our delivery trucks.

What is the difference between a consultation and an estimate?

If your tree is showing signs of disease, or seems unhealthy for any reason, you should call to schedule a consultation with one of our Certified Arborists. If general tree work is needed, call us for a free estimate.